Parity Hood

Parity hood is a two player android game where the players have to work together in a procedurally generated endless level.

I made the procedural level generation for this game. I created it in a way that designers could created sublevels easily, and then glue those sublevels together. This was extra work for me, but made it a lot easier to work with for the designers, as they could easily balance individual sections.
Initially I had the level scroll down under the players, so that we'd never run into problems with overflowing numbers if the player got very far. This, however, broke the collision when moving the players, I made the level static and moved the players and camera along, the game gets hard fast enough for the overflow not causing issues.

I also created the movement. At first it the character of the player was directly where the player touched the screen, however I later changed this because it was hard to see your character because your finger was on top of it. I then made it so that the character follows the finger, the further the finger is away from the character, the faster the character moves towards it.



Asphyx is a Gear VR game. The game is about getting to the top of a set of crystals, while the water is chasing you. By touching the side of the headset you jump to where you're looking.

Since this was quite a simple project, I focussed on getting a playable prototype out fast. Within a couple of hours were able to play the game and prove our concept. After that I worked on some nice features like sliding down the crystals for the harder difficulty grades. I also created an indicator that shows where you're aiming, but also if the crystal is close enough for you to jump to it by changing up the colour.