A VR strategy game based on the RFP of our client, Nefarious Games, where the team of 30 students was tasked with creating vertical and horizontal slices. The game started out as a clash of clans-like city-building game where the player would be able to closely spectate their citizens and direct their units in battle as a general. 

One of the requirements of this game was that the cities had to be able to be saved online. I set up the database for this using MySQL, and a server to act as an API layer in NodeJS. The server is setup with a RESTful interface, to make it very easy to communicate to the server from the game, using simple HTTP requests.

  • Tech lead
  • 2016-2017
  • HTC Vive

I've also created some of the systems for the gameplay. A menu system when selecting buildings, where sprites pop up, rotated towards the player, as menu options. I made a plan for the system with designers in mind, I wanted them to be able to very easily change or select the amount of options, the sprites of these options, and the behaviour of these options. To do this I made use of Unreal's delegate system and made an enum that the designers can set.
After this I spent my time working on VR specific interaction, changing up how the movement worked. We went from the locomotion we had, to a locomotion mapped 1:1 to the controller, to a dash style teleport, which ended up feeling the best for the gameplay.

As a tech lead I sat in on all design discussions, to make sure that the game stayed within scope, which was a big risk since we radically changed our design. I also made sure that all the programmers and technical designers had tasks and got feedback on their tasks. I also took the role of producer when our producer wasn't available.